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Full Production Design

For a truly immersive experience, a show needs a genuinely holistic design. We can manage all aspects of production design, from the initial concept through to a fully timecoded show that hits every beat. By considering all the elements of production – lighting, video, set design, lasers, pyro – throughout the design process, we provide a turnkey solution that creates a unique and memorable show design, bringing your ideas to life.


From the initial concept all the way through to a fully programmed show, we support you through the whole process. Our capabilities enable us able to turn design changes around quickly, with updated concept drawings and renders so you can see rapidly how your show is evolving. Our services encompass show design, programming and operating on a range of consoles.


Specialising in GrandMA3 but with experience using a range of industry leading consoles, we are capable of programming shows either to hand over to an operator or to run ourselves. We can program shows with or without timecode and can work with other creative departments to enable the vision of the show design to become a reality.


Our pre-viz suite is fitted with powerful computers and Depence3 visualizer licences enabling us to pre-program shows from our offices. With space for visitors, you can join us for programming sessions and see the show come to life in real time, keeping you at the heart of the design process.


Our content creation and design services ensure that your show will look unique. We provide the full video package, from the initial content creation using Smode and Notch through to on-site playout using software such as Smode, Resolume or Hippotizer. When using our video design services alongside our lighting and show design we ensure continuity across the entire visual experience of your show.


We have the capability to program lasers during pre-viz which can be handed over to an onsite operator to run with the show timecode. Using our Beyond and Depence3 licences we can visualise how a laser show integrates into the lighting and video looks to provide a fully integrated experience.


When your show needs that something a little bit extra, we can integrate pyro cues such as flames, CO2 and confetti shots into shows to ensure those moments hit big. With the ability to pre-viz these looks in advance, you can be sure these moments are seamlessly integrated into the overall show design.


With our decades of touring experience, we know how important clear and concise paperwork is for the success of any production. Using Vectorworks we can generate accurate CAD drawings and all the paperwork required for a successful show or tour. From lighting plots to riser layouts, we will ensure the show design is easily understood by your suppliers.

Who We Do It For

  • Deaf Havana

    • UK Tour 2022, Production Design
    • UK Tour 2018, Production Design
  • Don Broco

    • UK Tour 2023, Production Design
    • Teenage Cancer Trust 2022, Royal Albert Hall, Lighting Design
    • UK & Europe Tour 2021, Production Design
    • UK & Europe Tour 2019, Production Design
  • Gabrielle Aplin

    • UK Tour 2022, Lighting Design
    • UK Tour 2020, Lighting Design
    • H&M Promo Show 2019, Lighting Design
  • Pendulum Live

    • Alexandra Palace 2023, Lighting Design
    • Festivals 2022, Lighting Design

    • UK & EU Tour 2022, Production Design
    • UK Tour 2019, Production Design
  • Thomas Headon

    • UK Tour 2022, Lighting Design
  • Yonaka

    • Kentish Town 2022, Production Design
    • Heaven 2019, Production Design



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